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Government shutdown would create roadblocks in the housing market


While lenders use government guidelines for mortgage approvals, the decision ultimately belongs to the lenders. That's not the problem.... Read more

Rising mortgage rates could mean even fewer homes for sale this spring


There is still plenty of snow blanketing a wide swath of the nation's neighborhoods, but the spring housing market is just around the corner. This year, it will be more competitive than ever, with the supply of homes for sale at record lows and rising mortgage rates threatening to make the situation even worse.... Read more

London's 'almost toxic' housing market might not give investors the returns they are looking for


London housing has become less attractive for investors as they see limited room for prices to pick up in the U.K.'s expensive capital city, according to analysts.... Read more

Ignore the bad housing starts number. Builder optimism and buyer demand are high


Ignore the bad housing starts number. Some will blame the weather. Others will claim the data is too volatile month-to-month. Bottom line, December's steep drop in single-family housing starts is not indicative of what is really going on at construction sites across the nation. This winter's chill was both brutal and early, and that was a factor, despite seasonal adjustments in the Census Bureau's reading. Starts fell hardest in the Northeast and South, where temperatures... Read more


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